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Cowboy Hat Smiley Face Car Freshie

Cowboy Hat Smiley Face Car Freshie

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Yee-haw! Upgrade your car with this Cowboy Hat Smiley Face Car Freshie! Its classic Western-style design adds a hint of wild flair to your ride, while keeping the air inside smelling fresh and fragrant. Perfect for a fun-loving cowboy or cowgirl on the move!

We have the longest smelling car freshies in Texas :-) We use premium beads and oils that are hand mixed and cured to ensure long lasting scents.

Scent Descriptions:

Butt Naked -A saucy tropical blend 

Pina Colada - Strong Pineapple/Coconut fragrance

Girls Trip - Just like the popular Bath and Body works scent A Thousand Wishes 

Strawberry Leather - strawberries mixed with A very rugged scent, this leather suede scent 

***Please note: Base Color / Glitter will be chosen at random. We do accept requests if we have the scent/color combination available. Hat glitter colors available are pink, purple, light blue, blue, and silver.

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